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Customer Information
*Company Name:
 Address 1:
 Address 2:
*Contact Name:
 Cities you are interested in:
Product Storage Environment:
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Temperature Controlled Space
Hazardous Material Space
Food Grade Space
Inbound Information
*Pallet Quantity Per Inbound:
Floor Loaded: Yes No
Palletized: Yes No
Slip Sheet: Yes No
Storage Requirements
Number of Products/SKU's:
Value of Products:
*Pallet Size Used:
Number of Units Per Pallet:
Min   Max
*Stacking Height:
Full Pallet Height:
Racking Required? Yes No
Average Inventory:
Estimated square footage:
Additional information:
Outbound Information
Product freight classification:
Average number of orders:
Average number of pieces per order:
Average number of pallets per order:
Average number of SKU's per order:
Average Weight per order:
Pick and Pack: Yes No
Outbound by Truck: Yes No
LTL: Yes No
Truck Load: Yes No
UPS: Yes No
Export Container: Yes No
Rail: Yes No
Special Needs
EDI: Yes No
RF Bar Coding: Yes No
Fax Orders: Yes No
On-Line Orders: Yes No
On-Line Inventory: Yes No
Lot Control: Yes No
Temperature Controlled Trucking: Yes No
Physical Inventories per year: