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It is the people of our team that constitute our strength and creativity.  We recognize that you have many choices for service, and it is with that understanding that we strive to differentiate ourselves from the rest, by rising above with safe, quality oriented, economic service.

  Why choose the Newstar team?

We would like to have the opportunity to share with you our capabilities in detail, and we would welcome the opportunity to respond with a proposal for your next need, or project.

If you would like to contact us, please refer to our Contact Us tab, if you would like to begin the process for an immediate quote, please refer to our Request A Quote tab.

Our team consists of strong compassionate leadership.  Our associates are trained to not only understand what is required to perform the job, but additionally each associate understands that if the customer is going stay with us, much of that customer loyalty depends on us doing our job everyday with extra effort, and thoughtfulness of the customers product being delivered to their customer as if it just came off the production line.