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Newstar is a progressive, future-focused business that is at the leading edge of our industry, an approach that is well suited to that of our customers. Always visionary, Newstar anticipates trends well ahead of the curve putting us immediately in step with our customer’s needs by providing the best in customer-driven supply chain solutions.

Our tradition of integrity, experience, and innovation, combined with our track record of accuracy, security, competitive pricing and customer-driven solutions is your assurance that you can count on us.


  Our staff is well trained and knowledgeable in all areas necessary for complete handling of all requests. To support the staff we have in place all the necessary procedures and system tools to control the distribution of product; including but not limited to detailed work procedures, EDI, WMS, secure internet access for real-time inventory and bar code labeling & scanning.

Newstar Logistics has strong roots in the functional areas of warehousing, packaging, and logistics. Newstar’s diverse affiliated group of companies specializes in warehouse facility design, development and construction. Linking these functional areas together, Newstar and its affiliated companies has woven a culture of mutual support.

For instance, we have produced economic and creative improvements for our packaging customers, simply by calling upon our in-house experience. Further, we have called upon our warehousing and logistics resources to help design and construct facilities with logistic-minded solutions. Drawing on Newstar’s diverse and broad knowledge base, and with everyone being on the same team, allows best practices to be the paramount solution…

We are our customer's one-stop shop for innovative and complete logistics solutions. Give Newstar the opportunity to demonstrate its abilities and price your next project. You can count on us!